Boost Your Productivity with Rebel Plus

... by transforming your design into a working application! Reduce your initial development time to zero.

Rebel Plus: Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscription for our advanced code generator.



Rebel Plus: Annual Subscription

Annual subscription for our advanced code generator.


/month when billed annually

Rebel Plus and Rebel are distributed as one StarUML plugin. You activate the Plus mode by entering your license key, that authorizes you for using advanced, enterprise features.

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Two Week Trial Period

Rebel Plus may be evaluated for free during two week trial period! However, a license must be purchased for continued use. More...

Keep Your Model in Sync with the Code

Enjoy the iterative approach of re-generating the Java code multiple times by retaining the manual code changes, and how fast the development goes!

Unleash Your Creativity

... by focusing on visualising and modeling! And let the Rebel Plus do the rest: create JPA entities from your UML model, provide Swagger documentation or create a complete Spring CRUD RESTful service without writing a single line of Java code!

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction or give your money back. More...

What's included?

Everything you see bellow. And we are adding more features all the time.

Rebel Plus
Java code generation
Custom indentation:tabs and spaces
Getters and setters
Fluent-style setters
Preserve changes
Association link/unlink methods
Fluent-style link/unlink methods
Resolve and import in-model dependencies
Predefined modeling types
Optional generation of
Custom copyright text
Standard imports for generated classes
Custom collections for different types of associations
Java Profile
Java Generics
Method auto-generation for implemented interfaces
Java Persistence
Generate Java Persistence API annotations for persistent classes
Customize class inheritance mapping strategies
Autogenerate Id attribute for persistent entities
Optimistic locking
equals() and hashCode() methods for persistent classes
Optional persistent classes implement Serializable
Customize enum persistence
Optional @Temporal annotation for dates
Optional @NotNull annotations for mandatory attributes
@Embeddable modeling and code generation
Built-in modeling support for Spring components
Auto-generate Spring Data Repositories for JPA entities
Auto-generate CRUD Services for JPA entities
Auto-generate CRUD REST Controllers for JPA entities
Modeling and code generation for JSON/XML serialization
Customize class inheritance mapping
Configurable export of model documentation into Javadoc or Swagger
Custom annotations
Custom annotations for model elements
Great work provides a great integrity.