A New Version of Rebel is Available!

After a couple of weeks of work, our team is happy to announce a new version of Rebel: 1.0.4!

This post gives a short summary of new features:

  • Improved User Experience
  • A new profile has been introduced: Jackson
  • Local project settings are available

Improved User Experience

If you do not explicitly set the code generation path using Rebel Preferences, the Rebel will prompt you to select a destination directory. Your choice will be saved and you will never need to define it again for that project.

Jackson Profile

The purpose of the Jackson profile is to enable modeling and generation of Jackson annotations from the UML model. Now you can customize Jackson annotation code generation for classes, class attributes and association ends by modeling them!

Local Project Settings

Until this release, you would always need to change Rebel Preferences when working on multiple projects. At least the code generation path would need to be updated.

From now on, there is a possibility to use project local settings.

If you enable Rebel Preferences -> Use local Rebel settings, whenever you save your StarUML model, the Rebel will save two additional files:

  • rebel.conf and
  • rebel.user.conf

The rebel.conf contains project scoped Rebel settings, that need to be shared among several users working together. The other file, rebel.user.conf contains only current user-scoped settings that should never find their way to the shared code repository.

Great work provides a great integrity.