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Lombok is Rebel and Rebel supports Lombok!

Since version 2.4.0, Rebel generates Lombok annotations instead of getters and setters by default.

Documenting RESTful Services with Rebel Plus and Swagger

This article will show you how to use the Rebel Plus to connect Swagger documentation with your UML model and how to configure Swagger in your Spring application.

15 Minute Guide: Developing a Spring Boot RESTful Service with Rebel Plus

To understand and explore Rebel Plus features, in this article you incrementally develop a Spring Boot RESTful service that serves as a backend application for an online Italian restaurant.

No Magic: Out-of-the-box RESTful Services with Rebel and Spring

By constantly challenging the possibility to automate software development, we have introduced auto-generation of Spring components: MVC Controllers, along with Repositories and Services. Since version 2.1, Rebel will automatically create these classes for your domain model.

How to uglify your Java code intentionally?

The most frequent critique that we receive about the Rebel is related to the preserved sections in the generated Java source code.

How do we develop Rebel or ... A letter to a junior developer

We believe that the basic principles of creativity and creative work are the same throughout different areas of human work and existence.

Rebel Plus has been released!

It has been more than a week that the Rebel Plus has been released!

Once you install the latest version of the Rebel from the StarUML Extension Registry, you can...

Model-Driven Development with UML and Modern Java

With technology evolving fast, there is a need to write and maintain software more efficiently, and better communicate with team members. As developers, we rarely get to think about these things as we rush to meet deadlines.

A New Version of Rebel is Available!

After a couple of weeks of work, our team is happy to announce a new release of Rebel! This post gives a short summary of new features.

Why the Rebellion Begins?

Throughout my career as a software engineer, I used to work on different projects, for different companies; each one having specific cultural and methodological approaches to organizing people and to developing software.

Great work provides a great integrity.