My name is Aleksandar and I am the founder of Archetype Software Engineering. Software development has been my passion for more than 15 years! During that time, I had a chance to work for different companies, with people from all over the world.

Even though I have spent quite some time engineering software, very often, almost daily I experience the "Aha!" moment - the feeling you get when you learn something awesome, something new! By the time, besides modeling, generating and typing the code, the social and human aspect of software engineering became a huge source of challenges and inspiration for me.

In my everyday work, I am constantly working on promoting the culture of empathy, mentoring and teamwork, along with experience and knowledge sharing; having fun not to mention!

Finally, since the very beginning of my career, I have always been looking for re-usable and extensible solutions. I have been in this awesome pursuit for years and yet I feel as if it has just begun!